We're not just Case Management, We're Family, We're a Special Connection. 



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Case Management services for the Children's Home and Community Based Services Medicaid Waiver

A Special Needs Connection and Medicaid Waivers is a private agency that provides case management services for the Children's Home and Community Based Services Medicaid Waiver. We are based out of Colorado Springs in El Paso County however we serve the whole state of Colorado. Please contact us to see if your child may qualify for benefits under this waiver.

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Our Mission and Who We Are

Our mission at A Special Needs Connection is to give guidance and support to families of special needs children throughout Colorado. Our focus is to provide education and resources as well as to help navigate through the various Colorado Health First programs that are available.

Receiving a diagnosis for your child is never easy. As parents we try to be proactive, do research and find the best treatments and programs available for our children. However, the time spent sifting through mounds of brochures and clicking through endless websites of information can make us feel overwhelmed and like we aren't any closer to answers. At A Special Needs Connection we've done most of the sifting and clicking for you. We've been down a similar path as you and can say we have and idea of what you are going through. We are willing to walk by your side and be that support you are looking for. 

What our families are saying...

I didn't know that my child could qualify for Medicaid. I thought we made too much money. The waiver has been a big relief for our family financially.  - T.M.

What our families are saying

Knowing that I have someone that I can turn to when I need to find resources for therapies for my son has been extremely helpful. - S.C.


What our families are saying

In-Home Support Services through this waiver has given my daughter the care that she needs but wasn't able to qualify for through C.N.A. - L.H.